Part I. Background
Part II. Management Plan
Part III. Appendices


The Draft Management Plan for Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve reflects the effort of many individuals and organizations without whom the completion of this document could not have need achieved. We thank the University of California Natural Reserve System and the California State Coastal Conservancy (SCC) for funding the project; the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County for managing the SCC contract; and the UCSB Marine Science Institute for administering the contract. We also thank Don Crocker, President of the Sandyland Cove Homes Association, for providing a gift to the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve (CSMR) from which the computer hardware, GIS software (Geo Navigator), and technical assistance was provided that has enhanced enormously the overall planning process. Thanks also to Debbie Elliotti Fisk, Director of UC Natural Reserve System, and the Santa Barbara County Flood Control District for jointly providing funds to cover the cost of the digital topographic map of Carpinteria Salt Marsh, compiled by Martin, Northart and Spensor Inc., that was used in construction of the CSMR GIS. Special thanks to Eric Rainbolt at the system wide office of the UC Natural Reserve System for setting up Geo Navigator and to David Court for producing the many GIS layers from which the many figures have been produced. We also thank Leal Mertes, CSMR Faculty Manager, and Ethan Inlander, for producing the classified land use map (Fig. 5) and the perspective view of the watershed (Fig. 33), and Donna Moore, UCSB NRS Administrative Assistant, for composing the two administrative organizational charts (Figs. 21 & 24).

Many individuals provided constructive comments in an earlier draft. We give special thanks to David Anderson, President of the Sandyland Protective Association and Carpinteria Marsh Project Representative for the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County, for his help in refining the many programs associated with the Plan and in working with University representative on draft easements and cooperative agreements associated with implementation of the Plan. Scott Cooper, Director of the UCSB NRS provided many constructive comments and important guidance during the preparation of the draft document. We also thank Liza Riddle, Assistant Director of the UC Natural Reserve System, Violet Handelman, Office of the General Council, and Eric Rainbolt, Associate Environmental Planner, for their many helpful comments and for their participation in a public workshop on the management planning process. Representatives of various governmental agencies and offices also provided important guidance, including: Janet Diehl and Reed Holderman, State Coastal Conservancy; Bob Nisbet, Public Works Director for the City of Carpinteria; Simon Poulter, City of Carpinteria Planning Commissioner; Larry Faucett and Karl Treiberg, Santa Barbara County Flood Control District; Merle Betz, California Coastal Commission; and Carla Frisk, State Senator Jack O'Connell's Office. These and other individuals are members of the City of Carpinteria's Marsh Park Steering Committee.

UCSB Artworks assisted with report graphics, The Alternative printed the figures and cover, and UCSB Pulse assisted with report printing and production.

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