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here to submit an application to visit the reserve. (http://rams.ucnrs.org)

Click here to download copies of the UC NRS Waiver forms.

Please take a moment and read the following information regarding use of the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve. Thank you.


Use of the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve (CSMR) is limited to bona fide research and class use in the field sciences and humanities and must be coordinated through the UCSB Natural Reserve System campus office. Applications to visit the reserve must be approved in advance by the reserve director.

•Applications should be submitted online to the UCSB campus office three weeks prior to the initial visit.

Research projects: if you have more than one research project, a separate application must be filed for each project. It is important to indicate on the application the approximate duration of the proposed research project. Approved applications are valid for one field season only (from date of approval through June 30) but may be renewed annually via phone or email for the duration estimated on the application. Non-UC researchers will need to sign a UC waiver before visiting the Reserve.

Field trip and class-use: a separate application must be submitted for each visit or series of visits.

• The group leader is responsible for making sure each participant is aware of the reserve policies and guidelines listed on the application and in the information packet.

• All visitors and researchers must sign into the reserve using the Visitor Sign-In book kept at the front gate each time they visit the reserve.

The CSMR gate is locked at all times. Arrangements for borrowing a key or obtaining the current combination should be made when the initial visit is scheduled (a $10.00 refundable deposit is required for keys). Please lock the gate behind you once you have entered the reserve and lock it behind you again when you are leaving the reserve. Please be aware that the combination to the lock on the reserve gate is changed at frequent intervals. Users should make sure that they have the current combination before visiting the reserve.

All keys to the reserve gate must be returned to the UCSB NRS office. Keys should not be transferred to other users without permission from the UCSB NRS campus office or reserve director.

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