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Reserve Director Andy Brooks and Education Assistant Michele Kissinger put together a Teacher's Guide to the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve. The guide contains activities associated with the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve. It includes activities for marsh field experiences, classroom lessons (for field experience preparation and follow-up), and a word search for outreach events.

These lessons are designed to let teachers know about the resources they can take advantage of at CSMR, as well as make it possible for teachers to lead some activities without direct involvement from CSMR staff. This guide may also be useful to students assisting the Reserve Director with the Reserve education and outreach programs.

Lessons are adapted to the California State Science Content Standards, and are easily adaptable for different grade levels. One lesson, Wetland Sponges, is also aligned to the upcoming Environmental Principles and Concepts of the Education and the Environment Initiative.

Download  Teacher's Guide to the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve

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