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To insure the integrity of research sites, do not remove stakes, pipes, flags, traps and other miscellaneous items that may belong to other researchers. To inform the reserve director and other users which stakes or other research-related items are yours, it is helpful to put your initials and a date on them. At the end of a research project, each user should take the responsibility to police the sites used to ensure that all materials are removed, unless specific items such as plot markers or traps are to be left for research purposes. When a project is completed, please inform the reserve director so that he can discuss with you any points of interest or make decisions regarding the removal of materials that could be of use once they are no longer needed for your work.

Annual Summary of Research Project
Please provide the following by June 30 of each year (the summary and list of publications will be published in the NRS Annual Report and on the NRS systemwide Web Page):

• A brief summary of your research accomplishments, including the title of the project, a list of all participants on the project with their affiliations.

• A list of your current publications based on research done on the reserve (complete references).

• Two copies of all published materials, including conference proceedings, abstracts, and technical reports (one bound copy only of theses and dissertations), resulting from your research. Please acknowledge the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA NATURAL RESERVE SYSTEM, UCSB CARPINTERIA SALT MARSH RESERVE, in all publications which result from research done at the reserve.

• Source of funding for your project, dates of funding, and the funding amount.

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